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El Tren del Fin del Mundo (The Train at the End of the World) - Part 6

This mainly concerns the overhaul of the railway's Nora, however, the first is a sad reminder of what once was at Rio Gallegos and is some hope for the future as Shaun McMahon is involved in restoring one of these locos to running order.... Some of their parts (reverser, throttle handle and somkebox sealing brackets off 109) have been used in overhauling Nora!

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Rusty Santa Fe's

This is the original boiler being marked up for fitting of a second boiler water gauge column. For the time being it is being replaced by a spare as the original needs repairs to the inner firebox crownsheet:

Original boiler

This is a side view of Nora's boiler lifted in the mainframe for inspection. At this stage 1 of modification the boiler will be placed 300mm higher than when the loco was first manufactured in order to allow adequate space for the new live and exhaust steam circuits and primary air for the new oil firing gear which is being installed this winter in Ushuaia. At a later date a primary air pre heater will be designed and fitted.

Side view of boiler

This is Nora's power units on a flat truck, stripped for overhaul ad modification. The temperature was a Chinese -13deg C (in June in the southern hemisphere).

Nora in pieces

These are some power unit components stripped and cleaned for inspection at the workshops:


The driving wheelsets, currently being replaced.

Driving Wheelsets

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Rob Dickinson