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El Tren del Fin del Mundo (The Train at the End of the World) - Part 5

Shaun McMahon continues his report on the trials and tribulations of working with a 'new' locomotive built in 'old fashioned' ways. Click here for the first part (May 1999), the second part (10th July 1999), the third part (February 2000), the fourth part (8th March 2000), the sixth part (24th September 2001), the seventh part (23rd November 2001) and the eighth part (5th March 2003). Also check out the railway's website.

Exhaust assembly

Driver John Bancroft assembles the new exhaust steam pipes of 'Camila'. Space was quite limited between the frame stretcher section and it was no easy task to fit these componets. However, the stretcher assembly dip provides a good box section in order to insulate these pipes and frames in the vicinity of the cylinders. Bancroft was Camila's regular driver in the 1999/2000 season. Before and after front end modifications were carried out, a scientist by profession, he was able to assist us greatly with monitoring the performance of this locomotive.

Close up

The above shows a close up view of the mating flanges of the new streamlined, enlarged exhaust steam pipes.

Shaun McMahon, Technical Manager , Tranex Turismo S.A. , Ushuaia , Rep. Argentina.

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Rob Dickinson