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El Tren del Fin del Mundo (The Train at the End of the World) - Part 3

Shaun McMahon continues his report on the trials and tribulations of working with a 'new' locomotive built in 'old fashioned' ways. Click here for the first part (May 1999), the second part (10th July 1999), the fourth part (8th March 2000), the fifth part (20th April 2000), the sixth part (24th September 2001), the seventh part (23rd November 2001) and the eighth part (5th March 2003). Also check out the railway's website.

These pictures (by Shaun and Chris Parrott) show components for Camila - the comments are Shaun's....

The Lempor chimney mixing chamber bellmouth. The curvature of this component is very important so as to allow smooth gas entry into the mixing chamber. A steel rule has been placed in position so as to give viewers an idea of the proportions of the system.

Lempor chimney mixing chamber bellmouth

The next two pictures show Camila's exhaust manifold consisting of 4 converging/diverging nozzles before and after mounting on Kordina.

Exhaust nozzlesExhaust nozzles

The next photograph shows a view looking down on to the straight walled Kordina:


Locomotive Camila in the background, with new Lempor exhaust system in the foreground. FCAF driver and Tal-y-llyn railway passed fireman Chris Parrott holds the new chimney in position. In front can be seen exhaust pipes, Kordina, Lempor nozzles exhaust manifold, de Laval 4 nozzle blower. The second photograph shows old and new during fitting, the third the new Lempor exhaust system.

Exhaust systemExhaust systemExhaust system

Shaun has promised further updates....

If the original manufacturers of the locomotive ever read this and would like the right of reply, please get in touch with me....

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Rob Dickinson