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El Tren del Fin del Mundo (The Train at the End of the World) - Part 2

Shaun McMahon continues his report on the trials and tribulations of working with a 'new' locomotive built in 'old fashioned' ways. Click here for the first part (May 1999), the third part (February 2000), the fourth part (8th March 2000), the fifth part (20th April 2000), the sixth part (24th September 2001), the seventh part (23rd November 2001) and the eighth part (5th March 2003).

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These pictures show 500mm gauge Camila stripped down for rebuilding and waiting for new components - the comments are Shaun's....

"The worst could not be" - dismantled front end of Camila next to water tanks in the works yard at Ushuaia.  Count the number of bends in the steam pipes.  Small bore piping, blast pipe had to be cut so as to remove.  There is not even a petticoat to aid draughting.

tiny bits and pieces

2-6-2 Camila on blocks in the works.

on the blocks

Motion and valve gear stripped for overhaul

more tiny bits and pieces

Cylinders and valve chests (left hand).  Note the small valve chest volume compared to the cylinder volume.  During stage 2 of the work next winter it is planned to replace these valve chests and valves dramatically.

cylinders and valves

Front end of the 2-6-2.  Note the exit holes for the main steam pipes.  These have since been blanked off as the new larger bore, straighter pipes wll exit at a point just above the chalk writing.

front end detail

View from the right hand side, note the lack of adjusting wedges for the axle boxes (this is a 1995 built locomotive).  Though not obvious here this locomotives also lacks a Superheater.

front right side view

Inside of the 2-6-2.  At this stage of the work, the control gear is being rearranged so  as to aid one man operation. The spacious cab front screening will be used for the test instrumentation.

inside view

Driving wheels of the 2-6-2.  At the time this report was prepared, two new axles were being manufactured and fitted so as to replace the poorly designed originals.  The first axle to be reeplaced broke in service on 6th March 1999.   The wheel profiles are also being modified to a high adhesion profile as originally designed by Porta.

the offending wheels and axles

Shaun has promised further updates....

If the original manufacturers of the locomotive ever read this and would like the right of reply, please get in touch with me....

I apologise for problems with some of the pictures - Shaun stamped his name on the backs which then got transferred to the front while in the post.  To physically remove it would damage the pictures and I just don't have time to do it electronically!

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Rob Dickinson