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Java Sugar Steam 2006 - Madiun Area Mills

The Madiun mills are operated by PTP Nusantara XI.  There is clearly room for rationalisation in this area.  I would not be surprised if a couple of these mills closed soon, Kanigoro and Soedhono (even Rejosari) would seem to be the most likely candidates. 1998 proved to be a disastrous year for steam around Madiun, and 1999 turned out to be even worse. 2000 was similar to 1999, the number of active locos was much less than half what it was four years ago and I was surprised to find 2001 a little better and 2002/3 much the same overall. The loss of the yard run at Rejosari in 2004 was a disaster. 2005 was no worse apart from the awful weather and lack of cane... 2006 saw some stability.

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19. SOEDHONO Mill Index

100% diesel operation by 2002/3. Several of the steam locomotives look as if they could easily be returned to activity but I can't see it happening.

20. PURWODADI Mill Index

Likely to begin milling in mid-May 2006 with the steam locomotives working as usual. The 2003 picture says it all! Through June into mid-July 2005, 3 diesels were at work which may have meant a little less work for the steam which was having to burn wood. Disastrously, the big diesel was doing the push over the bridge. By mid-August it seemed steam was doing all the work with the fulls although the empties were often diesel. Reported by Bernd Seiler to be using two or three steam locos as normal in mid-July 2006, I found three in August 2006.

Purwodadi yard

One feature of 2005 was the revival of 16 with the boiler off Rejosari 9, the gap over the firebox betrays a slight mismatch...

Purwodadi yard

.21. REJOSARI Mill Index

Milling likely to start in late May, but the road deliveries are now taken to the mill compound, the small amount of shunting now needed was entirely in the hands of diesels in 2004 although early in the 2005 season 7 was working alongside the big diesel Agung and 10 was said to be still serviceable. It was steamed specially for visitors in mid-July 2005. Reported by Bernd Seiler to be using one steam loco as before in mid-July 2006 and again 10 (Salak) was steamed on request for parties.

Salak rides out again

22. KANIGORO Mill Index

Likely to begin milling in May. In 2004/5 only 6 was in use and the mud train was no more, so 2003 pictures like will not be possible again. Reported by Bernd Seiler to be using 1 steam loco as before in mid-July 2006, another visitor found 2 and 6 in use in early August 2006. 

Kanigoro duo

23. PAGOTTAN Mill Index

Worth checking out in 2006, at the end of June 2004, 1 and Luttermöller 6 were working the mill. On 14th July it was 3 and 6 (when this picture was taken). At the end of June 2005, 6 and 7 were at work. Reported by Bernd Seiler to be using 2 Luttermöllers as before in mid-July 2006 and we found the same in August 2006. Believed to be milling until around 20th October. 2006.


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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson