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The LCGB in Java 2006

Some of the photographic highlights of the August 2006 LCGB tour. With a larger than average party to manage, I hardly took my camera out so I am very grateful to Robin Patrick (RP) who took all of these except where I am indicated (RD):

Early morning at Sumberharjo, Ducroo and Brauns 10 and 11 (RD): 

Local traffic with Sragi Berliner 5 and one of the Hartmanns (RP): 

Sragi Jung 17 with vegetable farmer (RP)

B2503 descends the rack at Ambarawa with obligatory children on board (RP)

C1218 on its inaugural run for overseas gricers (RD):

OK Lutter Tasikmadu VI on a long train up the side of the mill, sanders very much needed for such a load (RP):

Berliner 0-10-0T Tujubelas in the log yard at Cepu (RP)

Baby DB 0-6-0T in the log yard at Cepu (RD)

Purwodadi OK 15 shunts the mill yard (RD):

Rejosari's OK geared loco 10 on duty specially for the visitors (RD):

Semboro OK Fireless 2 gets a refill (RP):

The last serviceable Mallet in Java, Semboro OK 15 on a special train (RP):

Olean 5 heading for home from Duwet with the afternoon sun catching the steam and dust (RP).

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson