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My You Tube Video Clips

Video clips on my YouTube channel 'GondangBaru' have now had 18,000,000 viewings (a mind boggling number) as of January 2024. So there must be something worth watching on there! It's pretty esoteric stuff with narrow gauge steam and stationary steam predominating, the YouTube interface is not perhaps the best for finding what best suits your tastes so I have provided links to the main section within which there are playlists so you can gorge yourself on your particular favourite topics.

People's current favourites include:

Sweet Dreams 
Industrial Steam in
Java and Sumatra

Narrow Gauge Articulated
Steam Locomotives of
Indonesia 41 videos

Samples from our DVDs
25 videos

Steam in Pakistan 1992
17 videos

UK Steam Rallies
many videos

Lea Bailey Light Railway
many videos

Real Stationary Steam
in Asia many videos

Chinese Railways
2004-2009 many videos

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson