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Rob and Yuehong in the UK, 2010 - 20

Yuehong and I got together in late 2003 having met on the steam powered narrow gauge logging railway at Weihe in Manchuria earlier in the year. We were based in China from 2004 until 2010 when we sold up and moved to the UK, at the same time acquiring a second home in Penang. This page covers our life in the UK. Since then, Yuehong has jumped the final immigration hurdle and as from late 2014 has been a full British citizen.

Previously after a long wait Yuehong and Yiran had their 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in the UK in December 2013. Caught up in the current ridiculous hysteria about immigration into the UK, it seems that the government has resorted to bureaucratic delay to massage the politically sensitive 'settlement' numbers, we had to wait 7 months for processing. Just over two years earlier when we were starting from scratch in Beijing with almost the same paperwork, Yuehong's clearance came through in less than two weeks. And we are the lucky ones, we were covered by the regulations existing in June 2011. Newer regulations introduced in 2012 have made it even more difficult to bring a spouse to the UK. 

Our "Winds of Change 2010" covers many of the other events in our "Annus Mirabilis".

For our life in our country house in China see our Jiaojiehe index page. For our life in Penang, Malaysia see our Penang index page.

Each of the links below leads to an introductory page with links to all the other pages contemporary with it. The dates are for the latest update.

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"The 33 Steps" - Our new home in the UK, Autumn 2010

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson