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Steam in the former Yugoslavia 2007

Pavel Randák found active steam continuing in Bosnia in January 2007:

At Breza 62 - 363

At Kakanj 62 - 020

Steve Newman reports (27th March 2007):

I visited Serbia/Bosnia last week with Tim Murray and others, this is what we found. The people were generally very friendly and co-operative despite the recent problems in the area, and getting about and access to the steam locations was fine. In total, including museums, we found 51 steam locos, 9 of which steam more or less daily. There were 7 locations with working 'real' working (Not tourist/preserved) steam. The Banovici system has both narrow and standard gauge steam, almost certainly the last place left in the world where this happens. The 33 class will be more familiar to you as DB & DR 'Kriegslok' 2-10-0 German war locos. Yes, they are still working up to 36 wagon coal trains less than a 3 hour flight away from London. We saw four, two of which are in daily use. The 62 class were better known as they are the same design as the ex SR USA tanks, 30061-74, which were used for shunting Southampton Docks. 11 of these were seen, of which 6 were in steam. Locations visited with working steam were:

Kostolac - Monday 19/03/07
No13 in use, a narrow gauge 080 tender loco. Just caught this loco going off shift at 08:30 on a Monday morning. Was being stood down for 5 days. Loco only works in the winter months, so this may be it for this winter. 3 others on shed, 2 spares & 1 stationary boiler.

Vreoci - Monday 19/03/07
Two class 62 in use, one spare. 62-635 worked to the main line (electrified!) exchange sidings at 16:35, returning with fulls 17:05. 

Tuzla Area - Tuesday 20/03/07 to Friday 23/03/07

25-33 in use shunting the washery at Oskova on the NG, loco appeared to work off Banovici shed light to Oskova around 09:00 each day. 83-158 was the spare loco at Banovici. 62-125 shunting the standard gauge sidings at Oskova, with 62-677 spare loco on shed. 19-12 was being overhauled at Banovici works.

Sikulje Mine
33-248 in use, working to the exchange sidings at Lukavac around 12:00-13:00 each day. Load normally 36 loaded wagons.

Dubrave Mine
33-236 in use, works to the exchange sidings at around 17:00-18:00 each day. Load normally 33 loaded wagons. Also seen at 13:00 on the Friday, not sure if this was a Fridays only working or a daily train.

Bukinje Mine & Works/Shed
62-637 was in steam 21/3 but had disappeared by 22/3, when 62-368 had taken over. We assume 637 had been taken into the works for attention. We never saw these move, but between Thursday PM & Friday AM the fulls had been taken to the Power Station at Tuzla, so appears to work 'as required', almost certainly less than daily. Other locos present were 33-216 & 62-123/376 which look operable. A derelict 33, perhaps 504, was present at the back of the works. Due to the adverse weather, we did not invest in a permit for this mine, so sorry for 'patchy' info!

Lukavac Soda Works
62-644 in steam, with 62-638 almost complete after overhaul, looking like a very thorough job had been done.

Rob Dickinson