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A Visit To Indare, 2012

After a long break Marcelo Benoit has now sent this set of pictures from a visit to Indare with two of his friends: James Waite has posted a further report from his 2013 visit which contains a revised locomotive list.

Finally some 2012 pictures of the amazing 600mm narrow gauge collection at Indare, another page on this site has the roster (assumed unchanged since 2005 when the page was uploaded) from which I (RD) have prepared the notes.:

I believe 1A is a Decauville 0-4-0T (although if the date is correct it will have been made by Couillet or Tubize).:

Although no number is visible I suspect by comparison with a picture on the previous report that this is 25, 0-4-0T Henschel 28518/1950:

26 is 0-4-0T Henschel 28519/1950:

20 is a Jung 0-4-0T, 4248/1928:

This looks like another Jung to me, there are 4 candidates:

According to the roster one of the Jungs (4249/1928) currently is without its boiler, this appears to be it:  

18 is a Krauss, 0-4-0T 5718/1907

These are a pair of 20HP OK 0-4-0T, 5 is on the left.

3 certainly is a OK 0-4-0T 4922/1912, 'displayed' with a set of wagons:

There does not seem to much sign of restoration progress but most importantly, many locomotives are under cover and secure.

Rob Dickinson