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Steam in Uruguay 2009/2010/2011

Marcelo Benoit reports, the pictures are his unless otherwise noted:

During 2009 and 2010 there was still no steam on the docks for heritage day as ANP 3 of CEFU was without boiler test because of bureaucracy. The locomotive is being repaired and it is expected that the test will be done in late 2011.

N119 of CEFU started tests to have its boiler recertificated this year, first movements since a long time ago (nearly 5 years!) were done on April 9th, 2011.

N120 ran trains for passengers of cruise ships as usual from time to time to and from Colon (km 11) and Juanico (km 35). On June 24th 2010 the locomotive had a commemorative plate put on it to celebrate its 100th birthday. Below it returns from the docks on 31st December 2010 hauled by a diesel to conserve fuel.

On the first days of July 2010, N120 went to the North of the country to film a commercial for Powerade. The result was a bit strange, but... Check out the "long" version:

Special trains to celebrate N120's centenary were run between Montevideo and 25 de Agosto on July 17th, 24th and August 7th 2010. After which the locomotive was stopped for boiler test during September and October 2010.

On December 4th 2010, N120 headed a wedding train from Montevideo to Juanico and back, the ceremony was carried out INSIDE the train stopped at Carnelli station in Montevideo.

In January 2011, N120 provided the power for a train made up of an out of service diesel locomotive (General Electric 1545) and the AUAR Allan cars repainted for a Stella Artois commercial, shot at San Jose station and on the line between 25 de Agosto and San Jose. You can see the ad: This photograph courtesy of Mauro Basignani.

Between April 16th and 24th 2011 special trains ran from Montevideo new station to Peņarol and back, to carry people to see the repaired station (with a small museum section), part of the old workshops and the historical railway neighbourhood. On most days, the trains were sold out. The centenary plate on the smokebox is clearly visible.

The last two picture shows B15 and N101 in store at Penarol.


Rob Dickinson