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AUAR ANP 1 in Uruguay

Marcelo Benoit reports that on 28th October 2005 ANP 1 went with two passenger cars and a diesel behind from Colón to Joanicó with several members of the Diplomacy. The train was chartered by the Ministry of Relationship and the Tourism Ministry. The diesel was used as a helper to avoid stopping when the locomotive (which burns wood) lost steam. On December 10 and 11th, ANP1 ran between 25 de Agosto and Santa Lucia for a music festival. 25 de Agosto is 63 km from Montevideo, the current North end of the passenger services. Since December 15th 2005, another passenger service has been running from Montevideo shelter to Victor Sudriers, 44 km to the east of the capital. This ANP1 at 25 de Agosto (added 27th December 2005):

Marcelo Benoit reports (13th December 2006) that on "Heritage weekend" (October 7 and 8th 2006), ANP 1 was shown at Montevideo shelter (it is waiting for boiler inspection, so it cannot run this year). CEFU ANP 3 ran on Montevideo docks with great success."

Marcelo Benoit reports that ANP 1 ran between Colón and Abayubá on September 17th and 2005's Heritage days were celebrated on September 24th and 25th (added 22nd October 2005). AUAR ANP 1 ran between Montevideo shelter and Lorenzo Carnelli; B 17 was exhibited with an official car (all donated to AUAR) in Montevideo Shelter; CEFU ANP 3 with passenger car was running at Montevideo Port; steam crane exhibited by ANP on Montevideo Port dockside; V158 and S144 exhibited at Peñarol Workshop, opened for the first time by AFE to the public; hall of Montevideo Central Station was reopened with an exhibition of pictures of the railway activity.

The ban on steam on the main line was rescinded and ANP 1 was out and about on 18th/19th June 2005, running special steam trains between Montevideo (the new terminal which would pass very well as a bus shelter) and Lorenzo Carnelli (24th June 2005). ANP 1 also ran services between Montevideo shelter and Lorenzo Carnelli on July 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 and 18 for winter holidays. (26th July 2005). On Saturday 13th August 2005, ANP 1 ran several special trains between Colón station (10,5 km North from the Montevideo Shelter) and Abayubá (3.7 km from Colón in the Rivera main line, a siding with signal box) in Montevideo suburbs. A lot of people went trackside to see the steam train, especially during the return trip from Colón to Lorenzo Carnelli station.

Marcelo Benoit reports (11th November 2003) "The Colón council made homage to the locomotive of "Corazon de fuego" movie (ANP 1 as 33) on October 11th. The locomotive ran alone between L. Carnelli and Colón and back. The movie was shown in a nearby school." Here is ANP 1 as 33 out and about at Florida on 4th February 2004 preparing to run passenger services between Durazno and Yi, which operated from February 6th to 8th 2004. The locomotive returned to Montevideo between 12th and 20th February 2004 (photo added 21st May 2005).


Marcelo Benoit reports (15th October 2003) "On heritage weekend 2003 (September 20 and 21), Uruguayan Railfan Association ANP 1 ran between the "Montevideo shelter" and Peñarol station. Railway Study Circle ANP 3 ran at Montevideo Port. No rolling stock was exhibited this year because of lack of space. Montevideo Central station sits unused and dirty. On heritage day the hall of the building was opened to show several modern "art", but most of the people that went there were looking for trains...

Rob Dickinson