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CEFU ANP 3 in Uruguay

ANP 3 has been a regular and reliable performer since news from Uruguay started appearing on this site. Marcelo Benoit has sent me this picture (3rd August 2007) of it being retubed at Penarol:

Marcelo Benoit reports (13th December 2006) that on "Heritage weekend" (October 7 and 8th 2006), ANP 1 was shown at Montevideo shelter (it is waiting for boiler inspection, so it cannot run this year). CEFU ANP 3 ran at Montevideo docks with great success."

Marcelo Benoit reports that 2005's Heritage days were celebrated on September 24th and 25th (added 22nd October 2005). AUAR ANP 1 ran between Montevideo shelter and Lorenzo Carnelli; B 17 was exhibited with an official car (all donated to AUAR) in Montevideo Shelter; CEFU ANP 3 with passenger car was running at Montevideo Port; steam crane exhibited by ANP on Montevideo Port dockside; V158 and S144 exhibited at Peņarol Workshop, opened for the first time by AFE to the public; hall of Montevideo Central Station was reopened with an exhibition of pictures of the railway activity.

Marcelo Benoit reports (15th October 2003) "On heritage weekend 2003 (September 20 and 21), Uruguayan Railfan Association ANP 1 ran between the "Montevideo shelter" and Peņarol station. Railway Study Circle ANP 3 ran at Montevideo Port. No rolling stock was exhibited this year because of lack of space. Montevideo Central station sits unused and dirty. On heritage day the hall of the building was opened to show several modern "art", but most of the people that went there were looking for trains...

Rob Dickinson