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Steam in Ukraine, October 2015

Fabrice Lanoue writes:

A successful steam tour was organised in Ukraine by Wolfram Wendelin from 19th to 23rd October 2015.

On 19th October 2015, Er 787-86 (0-10-0) ran a special from Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi on the electrified ring line using the reversing loop in Kyiv-Darnytsya. Last April we did the same with the other available locomotive L 3055.

The two following days were dedicated to narrow gauge, Gr 280 (0-8-0) on Hayvoron network (760 mm). On the first day, the train ran from Hayvoron to Holovanivsk (54 km) hauled by TU2-179 outbound and Gr 280 back, with the group boarding in Hrushka. After taking water in Holovanisk, we had many run past on the way back to Hayvoron, the TU2 being uncoupled and taken out of view for the photo shots. The following day was spent on the other line from Hayvoron to Rudnytsia (78 km). The consist was reduced to 1 blue coach (PAFAWAG used for regular service) and the old green one of Tsaristic Russian origin, which has served as a track inspection vehicle since the 1950s.

Then we travelled on the regular night train to Kolomyia in the western part of the country. The 22nd and 23rd was spent on the famous Carpathians line, from Kolomyia to Vorokhta on the first day and to Rakhiv on the second. L 3535 (2-10-0) and three green passenger coaches coming from Lviv were used for this part of the trip. It seems that it was the first steam special on this line since the last Dzherelo steam tour in February 2008.

Er 787-86

GR 280, the first two pictures were taken around Holovanisk on the first day, the second two at Hayvoron and approaching Rudnytsia on the second day.

L 3535, the first three pictures were taken after Deliatyin, Yaremche and at Yamna on day 1.

L 3535, towards Vorokhta, towards Lazeshchyna (x3) and Yasinya on day 2.

Finally a thank you to those who made it all possible, L3535 at Voronenko.

Rob Dickinson