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Railway Museum at Kyv-Passazhirskyi Station, Ukraine

Boris Chomenko reports on his visit in June 2012. (I am not sure when this was opened, there is no mention of it on the English language web, this video was uploaded more recently RD

There is a small railway museum in Kyv (Kiev) located in the main railway station (Kyv-Passazhirskyi). Access is from last platform on North-West extremity. Entry is 15 hrivnas or about 1.5 Euros (with an extra 5 hrivnas if you want to take photos).

There are three steam locomotives present:

Er 773-59

S 017-4371

L 3191

'Modern traction' is represented:

Diesel TE3-206:

Diesel shunter ChME2-333

Electric locomotive ChS4-072

Carriages are represented by Kliment Voroshilov's personal vehicle (left) and Volodymyr Shcherbytsky's personal vehicle (right)

An old first class carriage and a railcar for maintaining overhead electrical wiring:

Finally some miscellaneous rolling stock:

Rob Dickinson