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The Rahmi M Koç Museum, Istanbul, 2016

Thomas Kautzor visited here in April 2016. Previously James Waite sent a report of his 2007 visit, to which I added Richard Foster's update from January 2010. If you are not familiar with these, I recommend you read them before continuing with this report  There is also  Chris Hodrien's report from 2006 which concentrates on the stationary steam side, but also includes a brief mention of the Camlik Railway Museum.

Thomas writes:

Here are some photographs from the Koç Museum. There don't seem to have been too many changes since Richard Foster's 2010 update, but these might illustrate those.

TCDD no 55022,is now protected from the elements as are many of the other railway exhibits:

The FS littorina is ALn 56.1903 (FIAT 1938), one of ten railcars from the rack-and-adhesion Paola - Cosenza line in Calabria. It is on 10-year loan from the U.. Wolfsonian Fondation (Florida International University) and was at a time on display at the Gold Coast RR Museum in Miami, FL and subsequently at the Tennessee RR Museum in Chattanooga, TN. It has been nicely restored by the museum workshops and the Turkish Fiat (Tofas Co.) since it came to Istanbul.

Istanbul tram 23

Istanbul tramcar 38 (Siemens 1928) used to work on the Moda - Kadiköy line

Istanbul horse tram 14 from the Besiktas - Karaköy line.

one of the original Tünel cars from 1875, replaced by the present cars in the 1960s. The Istanbul Tünel was the third underground railway in the World after London and New York;

600mm gauge HSD 0-6-0 No. 6 (Davenport) comes from the Zingal Forestry Co. (see (Link broken by December 2023. RD) and  (Link broken by December 2023. RD)

Ayancik Timber Factory 0-6-0T No. 12 (O&K 50hp 12212/1930) was retired in 1963 following a flood

Eskisehir Air Base 0-4-0T No. 4 (Henschel 70/90hp 15943/1918) was built for the Tigris Kriegsbahn; and the three Heeresfeldbahn 16-seat passenger coaches are of same origin;

On the day of our visit the trains were operated by Baguely-Drewry 50hp 3700/1973, an import from the U.K.. These operate hourly from 11.00 to 16.00 on weekends. The running line is very short, it goes through a small park and ends at a loop well before the Golden Horn bridge. Initially there were plans to extend it beyond the bridge, but I don't know what the current status is.

The crane was built by Stothert and Pitt, Bath, UK.

Another recent import from the U.K. is this Ruston diesel, which serves as standby to the Baguley-Drewry.

Next to the station was an exploded boiler, together with the former boiler of Henschel 15943. sitting on the frames of an unidentified 0-4-2T, maybe a new build?

This four-wheel crane wagon is now better placed for photography (ALW. TAATZ HALLE A/S.);

KPEV saloon car "Berlin 65", later DRG "Salon 6ü Pr 07" (Görlitz 1907) was a gift by Emperor Wilhelm II to Sultan Sultan V. Mehmed Resad in 1917. It was found in a derelict condition in a TCDD storehouse and restored by the museum workshops;

Hunslet 0-6-0DM (HE 264hp 5241/1961) used to work at an oil refinery

Tüpras B-B DH LDH45-001 (FAUR LDH45 No. 24997);

Türkiye Petroleri 0-4-0DH (MaK 240 B 220025/1957), new to the Batman refinery;

One of the museum halls is filled with large models of steam locos from all over the world.

Rob Dickinson