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Preserved Steam in Turkey, 2013

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This report comes from Clive Hepworth who visited in September/October 2013. Cick on the thumbnails for full size pictures.


Sirkeci Sta. 2251 still plinthed despite all the construction going on around it. Haydarpasa closed, no access.

Rahmi M Koc-Superb museum with all 4 steam locos noted by Terry Wallace in 2009 present ie the Henschel and OK ouside on the 600mm system with the Borsig and Davenport under cover with trams, diesels etc. Weekend trains were in the hands of diesels 3 and 4.

Ankara Museum

10 locos identified in the Trains of Turkey lists present. Strange place, locked up, no signs of recent life, unkempt grounds....access thro' a gap in the fence by the 4 wheel coach.

 Skyliner 2-10-0 56375 Vul 4823/1948

2-6-0 34061 Hen 22365/33

Camlik Museum

Stock as identified in the T o T inventory. Grounds immaculately maintained, large and very smart restaurant on site with the loco shed being used for large functions. Despite the earlier reports of imminent closure, the place looks really well cared for. Some track laying works seemed to be taking place on the old connections to the re-routed main line. Not sure why or what significance, if any, it may have. 

 2-6-0T 3405 Borsig 5894/1906

2-10-2 57001 Krupp 1267/33

2-10-0 56914 Corpet-Louvet 1708/1926

0-6-0T 3355, Maffei 3170/1911

2-8-0 45501 Creusot 4412/1924

2-8-0 45132 Humbolt 809/1912

3362 0-6-0ST Stephenson 1889/1891

2-8-2 46103 Stephenson 3995/1929

2-10-0 56116 BP 6959/1948

2-8-0 45161 NB 24670/1941

Other locations:

Plinthed locos noted at Konya, Manisa, Izmir Alsanak, Selcuk, Nazilli and Denizli Stations as in the T o T listings. This is Selcuk Station with 2-6-0 34054 Nohab 1841/1930.

At Sultanhisar (on the Izmir-Denizli line) 56503 was plinthed. This loco was previously recorded as being at Alasehir. On the same line seen here at Sarakoy Station previously unreported 0-10-0 55044 BMAG 8348/1924 was derelict at the eastern end of the station:

There are still dumps of locos at Alasehir and Yesilkavak........noted from the passing overnight Konya-Izmir sleeper service.

Rob Dickinson