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Preserved (?) Steam in Turkey 2007

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Jochen Ickert confirms the continued existence of the large collection of steam locomotives at Usak - this page has been updated with extra locos noted and revised pictures on 12th September 2007. You can compare his list with that on

"I passed Usak depot by bus recently (June 21st, 2007), seeing several old rusting steam locos standing on the track outside the station. Getting off the bus I had a closer look, finding 11 steam locomotives mostly rotten outside. One of the local railway staff guided me into the depot, seeing some 5 or 10 more steam locos, some in a better state. I was told, there might be a steam museum in about 4 years!

44 043
46 223
46 226
46 228
55 012
55 043
56 508 (inside depot, better state)
56 511
56 516
56 517
56 520
56 524
56 528
56 547 (monument in front of station, well preserved)
57 009

Inside depot were some more steam locomotives, but it was hard to see number or to take picture because of light conditions."

It seems to be a busy station:

This is the shed sign:



56508 inside the shed




3315 is also preserved at Adana station 

Rob Dickinson