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Restored Steam in Taiwan

See also Su I-Jaw's lists of preserved locomotives in Taiwan.

Alishan 2'6" gauge Shay Locomotives. 26 (2004) and 31(2009) at Chayi depot, 25 (2010) near Chuchi station:

Former Taiwan Railways Administration steam locomotives:

CK 124 (left) and CK 101 (right), both are 2-6-2T, at Chang-hua roundhouse (2007):

CK 124 in action leaving the tunnel between Juei-fang and Hou-tung (2008):

LDK 59 (2'6" gauge) at "Hua-lien Rear Station"

Finally two former sugar mill locomotives (2'6" gauge).

AFB 346 at Hsihu Sugar Factory, Changhua (2008):

Tubize 370 at Wushulin Sugar Factory, Tainan (2008):

Rob Dickinson