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Celebrating 100 years of the Swedish Railway Museum, 23rd May 2015

James Waite visited Gavle in July 2016 and his report contains pictures of exhibits not included here.

Neil Edwards writes:

The Railway Touring Company organised a short railway tour based around this event, utilising some of the museum's steam locomotives on charter trains. The museum's current website is dead by 25th October 2016)

This was an extremely well organised tour, and it is with grateful thanks to the Swedish Railway Museum who left no stone unturned, when it came to accessing their various buildings, to seek out items not normally on display. The organisation of the 100 event was outstanding. Likewise to the two narrow gauge railways who gave us access all areas as well.

In addition two 891mm gauge railways were visited, Jädraås–Tallås Järnväg (JTJ) and the Uppsala–Länna Järnväg (ULJ), both of which have been previously reported by James Waite (as per links). We used the same locomotives as in his reports.

The Swedish Railway Museum is located about 2km east of Gavle Station, in addition there is a reserve collection sited to the west of Gavle, both sites are rail connected. A half hourly shuttle service operated between the museum and Gavle Station, with vintage electric (101 years old!) and steam alternating. Nine locomotives were in steam and with the exception of the replica, all were over 100 years old. Three of the locomotive were British built and date from the 19th century. The group was granted access to the museum at 8am, two hours prior to the arrival of visitors, which numbered about 9,000 on the day. During the day, various demonstration trains were run within the museum complex, including freight, Royal train, Pioneer train, Settlers train and a consist from 1875. As a bonus, SJ No.3 was permitted to run an unadvertised shuttle, from the museum to Gavle Station at 17.00.

Outside, on static display:-

SJ 390 Kd Class 0-6-0 (NOHAB 300 of 1890)

SJ 1135 B Class 4-6-0 (Motala Locomotive Works 477 of 1912)

SJ 900 E Class 0-8-0 (NOHAB 829 of 1907), the latter two seen below:

In steam:-

‘Forstlingen’ 0-4-0WT, Built by Munktells as a replica of 1 of 1853, based at Munktells Museum, Eskilstuna.

HNJ (Halmstad-Nassjo Jarnvagar) 0-2-2 (Railcar) A.B.Atlas, Stockholm 19 of 1888), visiting from Nassjo Jarnvagsmuseum. 

SJ 3 ‘Prins August’ B3 Class 2-4-0 (Beyer Peacock 33 of 1856), seen on the turntable outside the main semi-roundhouse and at Gavle Station, having worked the ‘special’ 17.00 from the museum.

SJ 75 ‘Gota’ A Class 2-2-2 (Beyer Peacock 627 of 1866) - for pictures, please see 24th May below.

SJ 404 Cc Class 4-4-0 (NOHAB 323 of 1892), with Royal Train regalia, arrives at Gavle Station with the 16.40 from the museum.

SJ 692 0-6-0 KA Class (Falun Vagn och Maskinfabriken, Falun 1 of 1901), seen here shunting SJ 390, main line behind

SJ 902 0-8-0 E Class (NOHAB 831 1907), seen departing Gavle Station with the 13.00 for the museum.

OFWJ (Oxelosund-Flen-Westmanlands Jarnvag No.8 0-4-2 (Sharp Stewart 2597 of 1876).

600mm gauge KLJ (Kosta-lessebo Jarnvag) No.2 ‘Lessebo’ 0-4-4-0T (Munktells 28 of 1891)

Also present

Electric SJ Pa27 (ASEA 101 of 1914)

Finally ElfkarleoBruk 0-4-0T (Henry Hughes of Loughborough /1872) inside the railway museum (included for its rarity value!)

24th May 2015

SJ 404 and SJ 692 double headed the RTC train, from Gavle to Storvik, SJ 75 followed with a rake of vintage stock. At Storvik, the passengers of both trains swapped over, 404 + 692 were being used on a Swedish Rail Club charter, the RTC group returned to Gavle Museum behind No.75. We then had time to look around the museum and workshops, before being transported to the reserve collection in railcar 1113.

SJ 75 on the hand worked turntable at Storvik, the semi-roundhouse behind looks to be now used as commercial premises.

SJ 692 and, at the rear, SJ 404 at Storvik.

SJ 75 with the vintage train stock dating from the 1870’s, the brakesman stood in the open wagon at the rear. Seen on the outskirts of Gavle, with the return working from Storvik.

SJ 1316 B Class 4-6-0 (Motala 589 of 1917), in the Swedish Railway Museum's reserve collection depot.

SJ 1923 S1 Class 2-6-4T (NOHAB 2224 of 1952), in the Swedish Railway Museums reserve collection depot.

No.3 ‘Rimbo’ 2-4-0T (NOHAB 195 of 1884) in the working semi-roundhouse at the Swedish Railway Museum:

25th May 2015

SJ 692  with a mixed train from Gavle to Falun, via Storvik (water). An appropriate destination for a locomotive that was built there. At Falun we changed trains to stock owned by the Dalecarlia and Gefle-Dala Railway Association, with SJ 1338 J Class 2-6-4T (NOHAB 1139 of 1918) in charge, for the run to Borlange. Here, 1338 was turned, and then onto Rattvik, on the Borlange-Siljans Railway, before returning to Borlange tender first as the turntable is no longer rail connected.

SJ 692 with the mixed train, prepares to depart from Storvik, on route to Falun.

SJ 1338 prepares to depart from Borlange with the 14.33 to Rattvik.

SJ 1338 on arrival at Rattvik, the turntable at Rattvik is no longer rail connected so return journey to Borlange, was bunker first.

26th May 2015

Deemed a fire risk situation today, so haulage from Borlange to Uppsala, was by vintage electric SJ Du Class No.540 (ASEA 480 of 1941)

27th May 2015

A cruise this morning on the coal fired steamship ‘Blidosund’, built in 1911 by Eriksbergs varv, Goteborg, and based in Stockholm, seen on arrival back at Skeppsbron Quay.

Rob Dickinson