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Preserved Mainline Steam in Sumatra

I make no claims for completeness and further information is always welcome. Click here for preserved mainline steam in Java.

North Sumatra

DSM 38 (not 35 as reported previously) is outside Medan station, picture from Geoff Warren:

Another loco is preserved at Pulau Brayan works, it carries the number 22, but this is clearly incorrect as it is a former 0-6-0T and not the 0-6-4T the number implies, picture from Geoff Warren:

West Sumatra

Full details are not available. The list would include C3325 at Padang and C3322 which I incorrectly previously reported at Muaro Sijunjung but is apparently at the opposite end of the old wartime line at Pekanbaru (described as at Kompleks Pemakaman Simpang Tiga, Riau on a web page which included a picture but has since died. This is a 2003 picture of C3325 by Joachim Lutz.

E 1060 was relocated from Ambarawa (Java) to Sawahlunto in late 2008, the photo (by RDE) was taken in Java:


South Sumatra

I was also told long ago that there is a preserved C30 in Lubuk Linggau, but I have never confirmed this, although Joachim Lutz was told the same in 2006!


BB84 in Bandar Aceh was the world's last commercially produced Mallet and was a survivor of the 2004 Tsunami. This is John Clark's picture from 2005.

Rob Dickinson