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Steam in Serbia 2002 - 2004


Jonathan Allen travelled in the former Yugoslavia Tour (20-25 July 2003) - read his report (31st August 2003). Bernd Seiler ran another tour here in November 2003 (1st January 2004) and Keith Chester made a private visit in March 2004 (1st April 2004). 


Roland Beier has sent this brief report (17th October 2003). "A visit to Kolubara coal mine revealed the following: At Vreoci standard gauge locos 62-117 and 62-635 were in use on shunting and trip work. 900mm gauge steam loco 53-017 was dumped oou at Vreoci, the loco needs a boiler repair. The 900mm line runs from Vreoci to the east and after 8 km it reaches Barosevac, where there is another loco shed. This has steam loco 53-018 which acts as reserve loco and for engineering trains, the loco was in steam during our visit on 25 September. Although not strictly within the limits of "International Working Steam" it should be reported that the ng. museum line from Sargan to Mokra Gora is now open over the whole length of 15 km. In September and October they ran daily excursions with a diesel, steam loco 83-173 was available for charters and we had two on 25 and 26 September. They have a rake of passenger coaches as well as some freight wagons to provide variety of the train sets. The line from Mokra Gora towards Visegrad is under reconstruction and 2 km have been completed so far. Steam loco 25-27 from Banovici coal mine was in use on this section." The museum also has a 600mm gauge line. Henry from the Netherlands has sent a picture of 83-017 at Visegrad in 2000 (11th November 2003). 


Christiane Neun was in Serbia in October 2002 and has provided a short report (2nd December 2002). Chris Gee visited in May 2002 and reports on what he found (5th June 2002). 

Rob Dickinson