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EM-721-83 at Petrokrepost

After many years in Moscow, Harvey Smith relocated to St. Petersburg in 2014. There is a list of linked reports at the bottom.

Harvey Smith reports on a historically significant railway monument near St. Petersburg:

How to get there

Get the train from Finland Station

We went by road
Just drive down the P-21 highway east of St. Petersburg. You turn off before you get to the Neva River. Then proceed down the road 41K-080. Turn right at Imeni Morozova.

The place you are heading for is at 59.961679, 31.029034

What is there to see:

Well there is EM -721-83 which is the first locomotive to break the blockade of Leningrad via a temporary bridge laid across the Neva river nearby. In fact just downstream from the Oreshek Castle which sits on an Island at the entrance to the Neva close by.

There is also small museum in the station building facing the monument. The museum is to the temporary military railway that was laid across the Neva River and used to supply Leningrad. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday. We went on a Sunday so we never got inside the museum. But do not worry. If you want to get a synopsis there are some information boards giving the history in the Oreshek Castle nearby. Just take the boat.

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