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Moscow Sort Depot,  St. Petersburg, 2015-7

After many years in Moscow, Harvey Smith relocated to St. Petersburg in 2014. There is a list of linked reports at the bottom.

SU 250-74 had been reported in 'ex-Barry condition' in February 2016 (below) but has since been to Tikhoretsk for restoration. Harvey saw it in steam at the depot on 29th October 2017.

Harvey visited on 30th July 2017 and reports Some interesting developments:


SU 213-58 being stripped for restoration

b-2012 was in the shed,  The oldest locomotive in Russia will soon be fully restored and working and ready for the Sherbinka Expo 30th August to 2nd September 2017.

OV- 6640 is now restored to working order. She was completed around about 11th June 2017 and is an oil burner, note the tank.

Harvey reported that the restored running gear of narrow gauge VP4 1337 and SU213.58 (the latter from Nichny Novgorod) were present in early June 2017.

Harvey reported that an OV class locomotive was seen here stripped down for overhaul in early February 2017, presumably for return to active service. It was not OV-324. Most likely it was OV-6640 which came here from the museum in 2016 (note added 21st March 2017).

Harvey has made a number of visits and reports as follows (latest report for 1st May 2016, added 11th May 2016)..Regular visitors to this page will note the subtle variations.

1st May 2016 

Present in the sunshine (!!!, first time ever)

LV-0522 in Authentic Blue
OV-324 coupled to the tender of OV-6135



ER-766-41 (left) and E-683-32 (right)

13th March 2016

ER-766.41 was reported here in 2015, but appears to have been tidied up recently: It was using the tender off ER-786.19.

14th February 2016

EM-721-83 was parked at the Depot. I suppose they will do her up and put her back on her plinth. Not sure
Also the frames, wheels and cylinders of presumably VP-4.1337 WERE ON A TROLLEY OUTSIDE THE SHEDS. They had been worked on and were looking good. But not yet painted.

7th February 2016

SU250-74 now present in 'Barry condition' but positioned in an area where it suggests it may be restored.

31st January 2016 

Ye-3560 now present and positioned in an area where it suggests it may be restored.

29th November 2015

L-5248 (in steam), ER-767-77, ER-786-19 with freshly painted tender, L-3958 in fresh paint with not all markings, SO18-2018, E-683.32 with tender of E-709-24, tender of L-4580, ER-770-58.

ER-786-19 with freshly painted tender on 29th November 2015

15th November 2015

SO18-2359 (in steam), L-5289 (in steam) with tender off L-4580, ER-767-77, ER-770-58, ER-786-19, TE-3162, SO18-2018, E-683-32 with tender of E-709-24, L-3958 in fresh paint with not all markings.

L-5289 on 15th November 2015

8th November 2015

SO18-2359 (in steam), ER-767-77, ER-770-58, TE-3162, SO18-2018, E-683-32 with tender of E-709-24, L 3958 in fresh paint with not all markings.

1st November 2015

L-5248 (in steam and on both turntables), L-5289 (in steam) with tender off L-4580, ER-767-77, ER-770-58, TE-3162, SO18-2018, E-683-32 with tender off E-709-24, a tender of an ER built by MAVAG Budapest in primer paint, L-3958 in fresh paint with not all markings, operating railway crane shifting sand.

L-5248 on 1st November 2015

25th October 2015

L-5289 (in steam), ER-767-77, TE-3162, SO18-2018, E-683-32 with tender of E-709-24.

This is a brief update from a 14th June 2015 visit. Seen:

SO17-2873 (Plinthed)
TE-3162 Tender Only
L-5248 in steam
L-4580 Tender Only
E-683-32 with tender of E-709-24 in steam

Since this was written, Richard Brown has pointed out (13th July 2015) that P36-0027 was being prepared for transport to Tikhoretsk for restoration to working order: Given it was a runner not so long back (see below), this will not be 'mission impossible'. Tikhoretsk has already done the business for several other P36.

Harvey Smith reports on his visit on 17th May 2015:

Locos in Steam SO17-2359, E-683-32

Serviceable in the depot SO18-2018, L-5289, ER-766-41

Awaiting / Under renovation P36-0027

Tenders only L-4580 (blue) TE-3162

Plinthed SO17-2873

This was an interesting visit. It was great to see So 17 2359 and E 683-32 in steam and being tested. It was really interesting for an anorak to admire the original German axle box covers on a DRB 52 tender dated 1942. It was also interesting to see that the depot has a trackside steaming system consisting of pressure vessels and steam pipes. But sadly I found P36 0027 in one hell of state, she even had a tree growing out of her. All except one of her cab windows were missing. I first and last saw this locomotive in working order in February 2006 in the Varshavsky Railway Station Museum. See the top 2 photos in the account of the St. Petersburg Outdoor Railway Museum 2006. Since when it has had the dubious privilege of spending some time at the Shushary Museum, St. Petersburg.

Pressure vessel with SO-2359

E-683-32 at the other end:


The sorry looking P36-0027:


The DR axle box.

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