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Preserved Steam Along the Trans-Siberian Railway

Toma Bacic has emailed me these pictures of preserved steam locomotives taken on a journey in August 2010, I am sure there are more items to record - equally I suspect a trawl of the Russia internet would be very productive. Don't also forget that there are railway museums in Tashkent, Novosibirsk and Ulan Bataar - the file linked includes directions to the museums, links to pages of photographs and a short list of other known preserved steam locomotives along the way.

FD21-3000, Novosibirsk (55.027407, 82.903733), 7th August 2010:

L-4657, Port Baikal (51.870582,104.810386), line Slyudyanka - Port Baikal, 15th August 2010:

P36-0096 Severobaykalsk (55.631364,109.338169), Baikal - Amur Main line, 13th August 2010:

Kch4-328, one of the ubiquitous PT4 (Skoda 2343/50, 750 mm), and a replica of the very first Russian locomotive build by J. A. Cherepanov and his son M. J. Cherepanov from Nizhny Tagil in 1834; both Ekaterinburg (56.855943,60.603577), 4th Aug 2009. There are a number of full size replicas of this locomotive in the country, for another example see in Khabarovsk. James Waite comments that 157S-63 (Sormovo 3363/1936) is also reported preserved in a park, one of only four of this class of 750mm gauge locos preserved anywhere in the old Soviet Union. A picture would be very welcome.

EM-730-73 produced by БМЗ in 1933; works number unknown. Ilanskaya (56.240037,96.070213), 6th August 2009:

Rob Dickinson