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The Viseu de Sus Logging Railway in the 21st Century


Hans Hufnagel (28th April 2005) tells me that following two non-gricing accidents, tourists have been forbidden from riding the logging trains. Before this ruling can be reversed, some consultation with the Government will be needed and nothing is likely to change before the end of May 2005. 


Roland Beier was at Viseu de Sus in May 2004 and found a significant revival - read his report (20th June 2004).


Bear this in mind if visiting.Michael Schneeberger has sent me news of Viseu de Sus and a surprising possible revival at Moldovita (3rd March 2003)


Chris Lewis has been to Romania (5th June 2002). He found the railway at Viseu de Sus about to run tourist trains and things rather quiet at Covasna (see also below). Read his report.


On 10th March 2001, I was told by Frank Engel "Due to severe flooding damage train services on the Viseu de Sus CFF line have been suspended for the time being." Now (19th August 2001) he tells me that the forestry line is repaired up to Faina. Ex. CFF is still using diesel & steam like the year before. The best news is that 764.408R came here on 11th June.2001 from the main repair at Cluij works. It's owned by the R.G.Holz Company. So it may be possible to see two steam trains in one day again (CFF & R.G.Holz)...


He had previously made another pilgrimage here in October 2000 (added 15th October 2000) and reports briefly (a full report and pictures will be put on his own home pages. Viseu de Sus: Same situation as last year - mostly diesel action,  a steam train is running only 2 or 3 times a week. In 2000 a new private company started working on the line too: R.G.Holz Company. It has its own rolling stock with two diesel locomotives (class LDH18) and is working on the main line. The line into the Novat-Valley is still the last domain for steam. On 2nd of October 764.469 was hauling a short train to Ihosa. One week later the same steam engine had to run on the main line to Comanu, because one diesel locomotive was out of use and the other still under repair (since last year...).


At Viseu de Sus in October/November 1999: "No longer daily steam (since May). First train (leaving Viseu at 9:00) is a diesel; also a daily railcar. Only 2 or 3 times a week a second train runs into the forest, but only to Faina (maximum). At this time it is with steam (764.469), but a second diesel (LDH45-053) is already under repair.  The whole line is now a private company (S.C. Viseuforest S.A.) - the days of normally steam-trains are numbered...." Click here for some pictures taken in September/October 1999.

Rob Dickinson