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Romanian Steam Locomotives for Export

Markója Szilárd from Hungary has supplied an updated list of Romanian narrow gauge steam locomotives exported in the last few years since 1994 (updated 16th October 2000): Special thanks for Attila Kirchner, Hans Hufnagel (for old table). Further thanks to Georg Hocevar for additions and amendments (9th June 2001). Markója Szilárd has added 764-375 (23rd August 2001). 764-12 was added 3rd March 2003, 764-12 was added 11th May 2006, thanks to Markója Szilárd again. György Villányi (22nd February 2005) has pointed out that some of the numbers given for Resita are boiler numbers which are in a different series to the more normally quoted frame numbers and I have amended the list accordingly.

Information on 764-423 and 764-425 updated by Ralph Cartwright, 22nd August 2007.

Nr. Fr. Nr. Last place in Romania Where is now? New railway company Note (new number, new name etc.), contact
764-007 Resita 1407/1953 Remarul Cluj Steyr (A) ÖGEG  
764-203 Malaxa 562/1949 CFR Targu Mures Rillé (France) Train Historique du Lac de Rillé
764-219 KrMü 7194/1917 ex CFF Berzasca (Berzászka) Frojach (A) Club 760 „Draculin-chen"
764-222 Bp 2619/1910 ex CFF Berzasca (Berzászka) Freiland (A) FIM  
764-224 OK 4278/1910 ex CFF Berzasca (Berzászka) Freiland (A) FIM  
764-243 Budapest 2832/1911 ex CFF Bersasca Kulturpflege-Verein Feldbach Feldbach/A  
764-375 Resita 1193/1951 Ex CFF Orastie (Szászváros) Királyrét (H) Királyréti EV 490, 2004, now restored and at Paphegy shed.
764-376 Resita 951/1951 ex CFF Tismana Nürnberg Feldbahn 500 eV  
764-412 Resita 1321/1952
ex CFF Tismana Autohaus Flick, Hagenbach, Germany Railway Restaurant  
764-423 Resita see below
(b 1362/1955)
ex CFI Turda (Torda) Welshpool and Llanfair Railway ( GB ) Welshpool and Llanfair Railway ( GB ) Previously on the Ystwith Railway (GB)
764-425 Resita 1681/1954 ex FC Turda Welshpool and Llanfair Railway ( GB ) Welshpool and Llanfair Railway ( GB )  
764-426 Resita,1682 or 1131/1954 Ex CFF Comăneşti  Gyöngyös (H) Gyöngyösi EV (Mátravasút) 490, 2005 "Gyöngyi"
764-434 Resita 1690/1954
ex CFF Tismana Tschagguns (A) Fahrwerk Rheinregulierungsbahn Frame only
764-435 Resita 1691/1954
(b 1140/1954)
ex CFF Tismana Tschagguns (A) Fahrwerk Rheinregulierungsbahn  
764-460 Resita 2230/1956
(b 1199/1956)
ex CFF Finis (Várasfenes) Csömödér ( H ) Csömödéri EV 490, 2002 "Ábel"
764-480 Resita 2602/1957
(b 1327/1957)
ex CFF Tismana Steyr ( A ) ÖGEG  
764-490 Resita 1455/1958 ex CFF Tismana Jindrichuv Hrader (Cz) JHMD for spare parts
764-403 R Reghin 588/1984 ? Heidenreichstein (A ) WSW boiler and wheels only
764-404R Reghin 601/1984 ex CFF Roznov Stainz ( A ) Flascherlzug  
764-406R Reghin 603/1984 ex CFF Toplita (Maroshévíz) Kaszó ( H ) Kaszói EV 490, 2001 "Karácsony"
764-409R Rehgin 606/1985 ex CFF Tismana Prora, Germany Technical Museum, Prora, Rugen  
764-411R Reghin 619/1986 ex CFF Tazlau Stainz ( A ) Flascherlzug  
E.M.Voivozi764-12 Resita 1442/1953  Exploatarea Miniera, it was a coal-mine railway near Oradea (Nagyvárad) Vészto (H)   Now it is standing on the MÁV station. Own property.
APE MIN 1 Resita 1676/1954 ex CFF Toplita (Maroshévíz) Pörböly ( H ) Gemenci EV 490, 2003 "Rezét"
EMBA 4 Resita 2590/1957
Ex CFI Brad Heidenreichstein (A ) WSV  
EMBA 5 Resita 2611/1958
ex CFI Brad Steyr ( A ) ÖGEG  
EMBA 8 Resita 3055/1958 ex CFI Brad Jindrichuv Hradec (CZ) CD  

764.23's details are for its current boiler. However this was built as 1679/1954 with boiler 1128. The original loco with this boiler is not known.

Rob Dickinson