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Surviving Steam Locomotives in Peru, October 2010

Chris Paine (4th February 2020) reports that he tracked down 45 on the list below in November 2019. It is indeed a Hunslet 0-6-0ST (1643, it carries a date of 22-7-58 but with that number it's actually more likely 1928. It's in Parque del Tren, east of the main station and easily found with Google maps. It's also well covered in this local website:

Steve Pratt writes:

Just a short report to let you know that I have just returned from a Railway Touring Company trip to Peru (October 2010). I can confirm that currently there appears to be no working steam locomotives in the area of Peru we visited, apart from the narrow (500mm) gauge circuit in Friendship Park, Lima. I can also confirm that the re-gauging of the line between Huancayo and Huancavelica has been completed (bar the buffer stops at the end of the line!); we witnessed a permanent way train passing along the complete route during our trip. The line from Poroy to Agias Calientes (Machu Piccu) is now fully reopened, but local trains still do not use the link down to Cuzco station. The line is also in use for a short distance from Machu Piccu (to the power plant). Notices refer to increasing the number of seats on local trains from 400 to 1400, but tourists still can't use them. On the tour, we also travelled on the thrice weekly train from Lima to Huancayo, the twice weekly train from Cuzco to Puno and had a charter train from Puno to Arequipe and Mollende (the first passenger train this year!). At Lake Titicaca, we had a guided tour of the 1862 British-built steamship Javari, which still needs lots of money to get it going again. We also saw various plinthed, stored and dumped steam locomotives on our trip.

List of Observations

Town Location No Type Builder Gauge Condition
Arequipa Loco depot 45 0-6-0ST Hunslet? 1435mm Derelict
Cuzco San Pedro station Unknown 0-6-0T (4628) Graham Rowe? 914mm Plinthed
Cuzco Avenue del Sol 123 2-8-2  Henschel 914mm Plinthed
Lima Parque Reducto C&SAR 102 2-8-2 Baldwin? 914mm Plinthed
Lima  Friendship Park FCC 20 0-4-0WT Beyer Peacock 1435mm Plinthed
Lima Friendship Park 237 0-4-0T O&K 500mm Working
Lima Friendship Park 811 0-4-0T Henschel 500mm Working
La Oroya Railway station FCC 206 2-8-0  Beyer Peacock 1435mm Displayed
Huancayo Chilca depot FCHH 107 2-8-0  Hunslet 914mm Stored
Huancayo Railway station FCHH/G&Q 112 2-6-0 Baldwin 914mm Displayed
Huancavelica Railway station Unidentified FCHH Boiler & tender Baldwin 914mm Displayed
Juliaca Railway station 252 2-8-0 Baldwin 1435mm Displayed
Sinzo Shed 86 2-8-0 1435mm Stationary boiler

Orenstein and Koppel 4623/1911 was a 750mm gauge 0-6-0T delivered to Graham, Rowe & Co of Lima. There's a picture here which matches the data: (Link broken by December 2023. RD)

Rob Dickinson