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Andes Class 2-8-0 206 in Peru

206 has been the only regularly available steam locomotive for charter for many years, although in recent years little has been reported to this site. This is a summary of news concerning it:

2014 news comes from Dale Brown: "206 is now stored out of service on a siding in the open at San Bartolome, Peru. It is in the middle of a string of stored and wrecked diesel locomotives. The loco has been stored here without any security. It is obvious that FCCA is not interested in steam excursion at this time. However leaving the loco in such a spot may lead to scrap thieves taking any highly valuable parts. Also several wooden coaches are now on display in Pueblo Libre, Jesus Maria and Barranco from the former Central Peru line."

It was generally assumed that 206 would be the locomotive referred to in a news/publicity release (3rd December 2004) announcing that steam was again available for charters. However, at upwards of U$15,000 a day this is only going to be viable for very large and very well heeled parties..... 

206 was used on the TUT 2000 tour.

Ian Thomson  who has long been involved in preservation matters in South America reports (29th January 2000) "Active Central Andine "Andes" 2-8-0 No. 206 has boiler tube problems. It is kept in the Guadalupe shops at El Callao. It remains the property of ENAFER but is under the operational control of the Central Andine. I tried to identify it, but doubts remain as to its true identity. One of the valve gear parts has the number 203 stamped on it, which is consistent with a hand written note in a Peruvian Corporation stock list, of around 1968, stating that No. 203 had been renumbered 206

Dale Brown was on the TUT Peru trip (added 4th October 1999). "TUT had BP 2-8-0 #206 operational for part of the tour. We had it only on the lower line from San Bartolome to the first switchback. Also a 2-8-0 #252 is on the Southern Peru line. Since this line is being taken over by the Orient Express they did a inspection of the Peru Southern and the Cusco and Santa Anna lines this month and #252 is of interest to them. Also a 0-4-0T was brought out at the shops in Arequipa. It is #1 the Mollando. A 0-6-0T is in the roundhouse out of service. The Orient Express management wants to find other serviceable steam locomotives for the Peru Southern."

Ian Thomson (25th November 1998) reported: "Andes class 2-8-0 No. 206 made another trial trip, between Lima and Chosica, on 12th November. The locomotive's official inaugural trip has yet to take place. The press has announced it will run regular Sunday excursions for tourists between Lima and San Bartolome, as from next year, but internal ENAFER sources say it will be reserved for trains rented by special groups. I spoke with the ENAFER's General Manager yesterday, and half agreed to get together a group of people for a run on 31st January 1999. But I think I'll put it on hold for the moment."

Rob Dickinson