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Steam in Peru, 2000

Dale Brown reports (2nd September 2000)

The Ferrovias Central Andina Railroad (FVAC), former Central of Peru (Enefer) has repaired 2-8-0 #206 for operation. The management of Railroad Development Corporation after some false starts finally got hold of the Colombian Steam expert who finally got to Lima on July 21st. 

He brought with him a replacement superheater flue on the plane from Bogota, Colombia. He was able to repair the engine over the weekend and had it under steam on the Guadelupe shops turntable on Monday the 24th for a TUT visit. The engine was then available for service the next day Tuesday 25th on the Trains Unlimited Tours. It also was available again on the 28th on the return trip from Surco to San Bartolome. Alco diesels were the regular power on most of the other lines as well as this line. Also a Central Andina Business Car was used for standard gauge trip at the end of the train. 

Also the special charter train was the first mainline train into Huancayo as no trains have operated on the east end for several months. Also a last run was made on Chaucha Branch a 50 mile copper branch to just over 15,000 ft altitude at the end of the line. This was only passenger train on the line and the last. The line will be shutdown after this run. The Peruvian Government will retain ownership of the line. 

RDC has taken over operations of the standard gauge Central of Peru and the Cerro de Pasco lines. The standard gauge Peru Southern is now known as PeruRail and the three foot gauge Cusco and Santa Anna is also part of the new PeruRail. The Peruvian Government still has control of two railroads, the three foot gauge Huancayo and Huancavelica and the standard gauge Arica and Tacna railroads. Otherwise all other lines have been privatized. The former Peruvian Government entity Enefer has been trying to find a operator for the H&H. Several individuals have been assessing the condition of the two narrow gauge steamers at Huancayo for operations. They are the Baldwin 2-6-0 #112 at the Huancayo depot and the British built 2-8-0 #107 at the H&H shops. 

In addition to the above. A former three foot gauge Cusco and Santa Anna Railroad 2-8-2 #102 is displayed in the Miraflores Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. However there is evidence that this might be made up of several different narrow gauge engines. Also at one time a steamer was on display at Hotel Bar in Lima. I do not know if anyone from the TUT Tour found out the fate of this locomotive. 

Since I now live part-time in Lima, someday I will check this out. 

Rob Dickinson