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Real Steam in Pakistan 2004

Neil Edwards was on the trip referred to below and has provided more detailed timetable information. See also the May 2005 update.

Manfred Schoeler reports:

"Good trip with Globe Steam and maybe just in time. In Thursday / Friday Pakistan Newspaper we read a report about a meeting of high Pakistani and Indian officials about the reopening of the Khokrapar / Munabao border, including negotiations to reopen the railway. Pakistan has only little funds available for this project - so they say they can not afford money for regauging to BG. The Indian side says no problem we can provide mg stuff incl. diesel locos..... Next they want to do are feasibility study and to discuss technical questions. Quite strange when you remember that the one and only reason for the survival of this railway is the needs of the Pakistani army. For example at Thursday Dec.2. there was a military transport scheduled to go the desert, featuring tanks on 7 MG wagons ......Probably booked for one of the YD's. Photography: Strictly prohibited ! 3 YD's (518, 519, 520) and 3 SP's (137, 138, 140) are official serviceable. YD 522 / 523 are ??"

Vic Allen of Enthusiast Holidays adds:

As you know I went with a group on the same tour (by joining forces we ended up with around 25 pax which kept the price down!) and it was well worth doing. Bearing in mind that the "Main" line Mirpur Khas - Khokhrapar runs Mondays-only, and the return working Tuesdays-only; the Nawabshah return train only on the 1st and the 15th of each month; and the Jhudo loop train (now running anti-clockwise only) operates Thursdays only, those dates were the only suitable dates, and the next time that combination works again will be the end of May 2005!

4-6-0 127 looked nice ex-works. 138 and 140 looked not bad, as did the 500 series YD's. The Jap. 700 series YE's had all gone, even though they were 1950's whereas the 500's are 1930's I think. 

There is a perfectly good hotel at Mirpur Khas, with fans, tolerable plumbing, clean bed linen and very good food (although our agents, Vista, imported their own chefs to do the cooking for us!) We had absolutely no problems with photography, nor with security. It was nice to be able to go to the shed after dark to do some time exposures.

I intend to market exactly the same tour next year (May 29 - June 03 2005), feast your eyes on real steam hauled passenger trains in 2004....

Khokhropar line:

  MG6 MG5
  Monday only Tuesday only
Mirpur Khas Jn 15.00 12.55
Jamrao Jn 15.19/15/21 12.32/12.34
Pithoro Jn 16.35/16.50 11.15/11.30
Chhor 18.36/19/20 08.50/09.30
Khokhropar 21.50 06.45

Loop Line:

  Thursday only
Mirpur Khas Jn 18.30
Jamrao Jn 18.05/18.07
Pithoro Jn 16.00/16.40
Jhudo 11.20/11.35
Jamrao Jn 08.19/08.21
Mirpur Khas Jn 08.00

Nawabshah line:

  MG2 MG1
  1st and 15th of Month Only 1st and 15th of Month Only
Mirpur Khas Jn 07.00 24.00
Patoyun 08.45/09.00 21.35/21.50
Khadro 11.55/12.15 19.00/19.30
Nawabshah Jn 13.40 16.00

Rob Dickinson