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Steam in Pakistan 2000

Ron Ferguson was in Lahore on 15th February 2000. He reports what he was told - some of it is plainly wrong (he tells me that communication was not always easy) and I have indicated this!

"Security is a major issue at Pakistan railway installations, and I gratefully acknowledge the efforts made and courtesy shown to me to allow a tour of the facilities in the Lahore area. While an interest in railways is understood and appreciated, photography especially of installations which might have military significance is severely frowned upon.. I was specifically asked to photograph only locomotives, and not the surrounding area.

There are four preserved, restored and non-operational locomotives located as follows:

At Moghalpura Works ten minute drive from Lahore Station

No 448 of NWR built Dubs & Co of England (in fact Glasgow Scotland)


0-6-0 of 1899 Eagle of the Scindia Punjab & Delhi Rly built Stephenson & Co of Newcastle, an 0-4-2 of 1869


No 205 of PR a 2-6-2 on a flat wagon awaiting a move to Lahore Station outside which it will be displayed.

pk00001.jpg (44324 bytes)

At Lahore Railway Yard Golf Club which is located on the former marshalling yards and easily reached by taxi from the station. No 54 of PR a 2-6-2 with a coach on a short length of track.

On 15 February, broad (metre gauge of course RD) gauge loco, YD 518 built by Stephenson of Newcastle England was emerging from a major overhaul in Moghalpura, and after painting was expect to return to service at Mirpur Khas, where it is used on tourist trains (not so, it is used on the residual regular service, there are no tourists there! RD). It would rejoin four sister locomotives that are the only 5 remaining broad (metre! RD) gauge steam locos in Pakistan. All are based at this depot in the Karachi Division (Kyc).

YD 518

YD 518

On the same date, one metre (broad? RD) gauge loco was in works, totally dismantled, and unidentifiable with its frames lying on a flat wagon. It would seem to be one of the 10 remaining metre (broad?, I think this figure is grossly exaggerated. RD) gauge locos still in service. They are concentrated at Malakwal (and Peshawar RD). The works continues to handle overhauls of steam locomotives having a two road section devoted to them. It seems that longer term they will continue to do so to support a tourist based service. There are no plans to close this section of the works. There are no dumped locomotives at this site, just outside Lahore city. The only parts seen seem to be from the dismantled metre gauge loco.

Lahore Station operates some 76 trains per 24 hours, using a mixture of diesel (Japanese, German, and Pakistan manufactured) and electric (UK manufactured) locos. Many trains carry military sections in their composition.

A thrice weekly service stills crosses the border to India, and a five wagon rake (all from different Indian railway companies) stood in the freight depot. Freight traffic in the yard is greatly reduced in favour of road haulage, especially of cement which had formed the mainstay of Lahore freight yard."

Rob Dickinson