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Java Sugar Steam 2006 - Kediri Area Mills

These mills are operated by PTP Nusantara X, previously PTP XXI\XXII, before that PNP XXI/XXII, and before that PNP XXI and PNP XXII. Individual and group visitors who check in officially can expect to be charged the equivalent of U$10 per person per mill. At first sight, this area seems less affected by the problems in the industry than Solo and Madiun, but Mojopanggung must be under threat.

24. LESTARI Mill Index

If there are any locos left here they will be wrecks, the 3 remaining good locos now being at Gempolkerep.

25. MERICAN Mill Index

Likely to have begun milling in Maywith the same five steam locomotives in use. The last observation here was that trains were running 'normally' in mid-August 2005. Bernd Seiler reported they had changed to pushing in mid-July 2006, but I found the situation 'normal' in August 2006 which the pushing only across the main road at the west end of the mill. Locomotives were burning coal (and some bagasse) which will naturally have made the classic night firework pictures hard to come by.

Who said Java sugar locos produce no smoke?

Here is 4 in similar mode in 2005:

Meanwhile 2 has been given what is called a spark arrestor system, any comment as to its efficacy or otherwise would be superfluous....

26. PESANTREN Mill Index

In 2004 it used only diesels. This mill was the last in the world to see working Mallets, when I visited in 2004, there had been some remodelling of the yard and this had allowed more efficient operation to eliminate the need for steam.

27. NGADIREJO Mill Index

Although the mill has a couple of serviceable Mallets they were not in any kind of regular use in 2003.


I did not make a visit in 2001/2 but I guess steam was in use then. However, all steam was stored in good order in 2003 and is unlikely to see use again.

29. JOMBANG BARU Mill Index

No trace of steam locos remains here.

30. CUKIR Mill Index

The remaining steam locos were sold to the Kediri scrap merchant in 1996.

31. GEMPOLKEREP Mill Index

Likely to begin milling in early June. Up to five locomotives were in use in 2004 including Luttermöllers 4 and 12. The 2003 pictures below could have been repeated in 2004 and again in 2005. Reported by Bernd Seiler to be using steam locos as normal in mid-July 2006. In August 2006, I found 4 and 12 in use, with only 18 and 19 of the others in steam.

12 at work

One Luttermöller good, two is even better.

12 and 4 at work

32. TULANGAN Mill Index

Three of the remaining steam locos were sold to the Kediri scrap merchant in 1995; the other presumably was scrapped.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson