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Java Sugar Steam 2006 - West Java

PG Rajawali II (previously PTP XIV, before that PNP XIV) operates all the mills in West Java. These can be reached easily from Cirebon which has good facilities. Alone among the nationalised sector, these mills did not charge visitors, although charges were introduced in 2006, from Rp 50,000 per person per visit upwards. All the mills are now rather run down and activity of any kind including the steam locomotives is quite limited. 


Closed in 2000. By June 2003, the mill was 99% dismantled/scrapped the locomotives survived locked in the adjacent shed, but were scrapped in early July.

2. JATIWANGI Mill Index

I was told at Kadhipaten in June 2003 that the mill had been totally dismantled. The steam locomotives were cut up in early July.

3. GEMPOL Mill Index

I was told at Kadhipaten in June 2003 that the mill had been totally dismantled. No doubt the remaining steam locomotives were scrapped.

One of the Henschel locomotives (12) from here has now been sent to Taman Mini in Jakarta. When I visited in 1999, staff told me that the other Henschel was now on a tourist railway in Jambi (Central Sumatra), a fact I am unlikely to be in a position to check out!


Milling probably started in mid-May. This mill had a poor season in 2004 and steam was only fired up for visiting parties. That will have been my last ever visit here with a group, a sad occasion. Steam was not used except on special request for parties in 2005/6.

5. TERSANA BARU Mill Index

Bernd Seiler reported 7 steam locomotives under steam in early July 2006. I found 6 in steam in August 2006.

Tersana Baru


Closed in 2002 owing to bridge problems and this will have been the end of steam here. On 26th June 2003, I found the fleet on shed minus fittings etc. It seemed the diesel was in use from time to time, I assume that any cane it brought in would have been transferred to trucks for the journey to Tersana Baru, the bridge still being out of use and Luwung Gajah yard overgrown. By 2004, most if not all the track between here and Tersana Baru had been lifted. 

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson