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Java Sugar Steam 2000 - Kediri Area Mills

These mills are operated by PTP Nusantara X, previously PTP XXI\XXII, before that PNP XXI/XXII, and before that PNP XXI and PNP XXII. Individual and group visitors who check in officially can expect to be charged the equivalent of U$6 per person per mill. At first sight, this area seems less affected by the problems in the industry than Solo and Madiun, but Mojopanggung must be under threat.

24. LESTARI Mill Index

If there are any locos left here they will be wrecks, the 3 remaining good locos now being at Gempolkerep.

25. MERICAN Mill Index

I drove through the mill at 10.00 on 9th July. 7 was dumped at the back of the shed, but staff said all the other locos were working. I found 4, 5 and 6 in the delivery yard which appeared quite busy. No doubt 2 was working by the crusher and 8 was hidden among the fulls in the main yard. Encouraging! At 14.00 on 28th July, 4, 5, 6 and 8 were all in steam but activity was limited by the large number of fulls, but we did get two departures in the next hour. In the evening, we had the usual firework display. In the afternoon of 5th August, one of the 0-4-2T was working the crusher with 2 refuelling. Otherwise things were normal and three trains left the yard for the mill between 18.15 and 19.00 - for once I just stood and watched. On August 13th, all locomotives were working normally, although the use of a tractor to propel fulls across the road by the mill was not a happy omen. 

Merican 6

26. PESANTREN Mill Index

I dropped in at 10.30 on 9th July. I did not visit the shed, but found 216, 217 and a diesel in the delivery yard. The crews said the only other working steam loco was 228. It was still early in the season. At 15.30 on 28th July, we found the delivery yard deserted but the mill yard crammed with fulls. The mill had broken down and only 212 was here in steam doing nothing, although 217 appeared later. At the shed 216 was in steam with 182 and 8 cold outside. I believe 226 and 228 were in steam within the mill complex. 9, 150, 151, 193, 194 and 214 were inside the shed more or less intact with no obvious signs of work being done on them. The next morning, I left several of my party here and they had a splendid time with no less than four Mallets in the delivery yard. Interestingly, they told me that all the fulls were being propelled in which was far more photogenic at this time than conventional haulage. I confirmed this on August 6th, when from 07.00 onwards 212, 216, 217 and 226 variously worked empties out and fulls back. On August 13th, of the previously seen active locos on 216 was on shed for a wash out at 14.00. Presumably the rest were at work.

27. NGADIREJO Mill Index

We visited for 20 minutes on July 29th. Just 205 was in steam in the yard with 210 spare. (Or it may have been the other way around as I was 99% asleep at the time.)


This mill continues to give cause for concern. Maintenance standards for all aspects of railway operation have slipped and all locos now have oil drums for spark arrestors including Baldwin 8 which seems not to have turned a wheel in anger for two years. 3, 6 and 7 in steam with 2 on wash out on 29th July. On 6th August, the situation was similar with 6 on wash out.

29. JOMBANG BARU Mill Index

No trace of steam locos remains here.

30. CUKIR Mill Index

The remaining steam locos were sold to the Kediri scrap merchant in 1996.

31. GEMPOLKEREP Mill Index

On 29th July, we beat the 1999 admission time of two hours by 115 minutes. 2 and 3L were working the empties, 11 and 12 were on the cable haulage near the mill with 4L in steam as spare. 18 and 19, together with several diesels, were working in the fulls from the delivery yard - very photogenic even with the cables - with (steam) departures every thirty minutes or so throughout the afternoon. On 14th August, in the morning, 2 and 3L were on empties, 4L and 12 were on the mill cable, 11 and 18 were transferring fulls from the yard and 19 was in steam spare. Unusually 18 worked a set of empties around the back of the gantries. A large security fence was under construction around the delivery yard which will make this mill even more impenetrable without a permit.

2 on empties

19 on the cable shunt

3L on the empties

18 on the cable shunt

32. TULANGAN Mill Index

Three of the remaining steam locos were sold to the Kediri scrap merchant in 1995; the other presumably was scrapped.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson