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Railway Museum at Saga Torokko, Kyoto. Japan

Gianfrancesco Capoferri has sent these pictures of one of Japan's many small railway museums, they were taken on 26th October 2015. Thanks too to Harvey Smith for forwarding them. If you are visiting Kyoto, don't forget that the National Railway Museum here reopened at the end of April 2016. read James Waite's report. A later addition is the picture of D5151 outside.

Saga Torokko is frequently visited by tourists as it is on the (diesel operated) Sagano Scenic Railway, an original section of the Sanin line which was replaced by a new alignment in 1969 and re-opened for tourists in 1991.

2-6-0 C5698

This charming 0-4-0T is A-7 according to (link broken by 29th October 2017).

Also definitely present are C5848 and the front end of D51603, together with D5115 outside - this picture is courtesy of my Penang hiking friend and non-gricer Mike Gibby. He cropped out the left side as there is a signal post on the way! (added 4th April 2019)

Rob Dickinson