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Preserved Steam in Japan, 2015
The Meiji-Mura Museum

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The Meiji-Mura Museum is a famous open air museum featuring historic buildings from the Meiji era (1868 - 1912) in the Nagoya area, Visitors can tour the site in trams (the one shown was built in 1911 for service in Kyoto), but for the steam enthusiast, the greatest attraction is the Sharp Stewart 0-6-0T (2421/1874) which offers short train rides. It was reboilered in 1985 and the original boiler is preserved on site. There is also a Baldwin 0-6-0T (37944/1912) and they work turn about. These pictures were taken by Takahide Yamamoto in June 2014, exceptionally the picture of 9 is from Wikipedia and is used under Creative Commons.

Takahide writes "The museum is open from March to November: every day except 4th, 18th and 25th August (in the case of 2015), also December through February. It is closed on Mondays, 31st December and 12th through 15th January, (in the case of 2016), however open on public holidays even if it is Monday. Best check the museum website!

When Meijimura is open, there is steam (and Kyoto tram both 3ft 6in / 1067mm gauge) in operation.

Usually only one locomotive is steamed up. Since both are in working order (as of 2015), either could be in use on any day. 

The running line is about 800 meters long and there are 9 to 12 round trips depending on the season."

Rob Dickinson