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Steam in India, December 1998

Wankanar - Navlakhi/Maliya Miyana

The line is closed from Lavanpur to Navlakhi due to a bridge washout that happened during the September monsoon. This was causing a marked decrease in freight activity. No freight ran from 26/12/98 until 21/12/98 when an empty train ran from Wankanar at 09.00 due to return with fulls the next day. Regauging work is currently taking place between Dahinsara Jct and Maliya Miyana but no signs of it as yet at Morbi or Wankanar. Locos are still transported to Mhow for general repair. One YG was seen on a transporter wagon on route to Rajkot for onward transfer. Trains consist of three coaches and all locos are now tender first from Wankanar. Their condition is pretty appalling.


Both the Dhari and Dhola trains were steam on 27/12 and 28/12. The Dhola train is chaseable especially at the Dhola end of the line, although it is probably a good idea to avoid the Jetpur to Khijadiya Jct section as only Vadiya Devli and Kunkavav Jct stations are accessible. The section from Khijadiya Jct to Dhola is roadside for long stretches; road traffic in the area is light. The early morning Dhari train is at Visavadar Jct at sunrise at this time of year. The loco runs off its train here and takes water and then leaves in perfect light chimney first after crossing passenger 352. Juni Chavand and Bikha stations are accessible from roads off of the main road and with a little help from local flat dwellers a good shot is possible from the rooftops overlooking the roadside section approaching Junagadh station. The crews are very friendly; a cab ride on the light engine working from Junagadh to Jetalpur saw no signs of regauging, although this was much in evidence on the line from Rajkot to Jetalpur.

Rob Dickinson