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Budapest April 2022

Thomas Kautzor writes: 

I had booked a trip to Budapest in late April in order to take part in a charter on the Children’s Railway which was eventually postponed due to the non-availability of any steam loco. James Waite was luckier back in 2022.

At the Budapest Children’s Railway (Széchenyi-Hégyi Gyermekvasút), MÁV 490,039 LAJOS BÁCSI (Budapest 5260/1942) was stored awaiting minor repairs, which were scheduled to be completed on site in Q4/2022. Their other steamer, MÁV 490,056 (Budapest 5848/1950), was at Debrecen for boiler work and expected back in July. That would give the railway two operational steam locos, which will allow a more flexible scheduling for steam trains.

Three of their Mk45 diesels were said to be operational, with Mk45-2003 (FAUR 21570/1972) and Mk-45-2004 in service, and another two under repair, as was recent arrival Mk48-2030 (Raba) which will be used on special trains.

Among its numerous exhibits, the Urban Transport Museum (Városi Tömegközlekedési Múzeum) in Szentendre has two steam locos on display, BHÉV 0-4-0 Tram 4 HARASZTI (StEG Wien 1941/1887) and BHÉV 0-6-0T 28 (Budapest 1688/1902). 

Sister loco BHÉV 0-6-0T 27 (Budapest 1687/1902) is preserved at the Hungarian Railway Historical Park (Magyar Vaúttörténeti Park), where I also photographed most of the MÁV steam locomotives on display outside of the roundhouse, in case there is any interest. 

Rob Dickinson