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Extant Steam in Honduras 2012

Thomas Kautzor has provided the following information:

There are two MacArthurs preserved in San Pedro:

The first is is Tela RR Co. (United Fruit Co. subsidiary) 2-8-2 151 (42" gauge, Baldwin 71415/45), which is hidden behind Banco de los Trabajadores accross the road from the Parque Central in La Lima south of San Pedro Sula Airport.

The second is at San Pedro Sula station (Boulevard Morazan & 1a. Avenida NE, one block from the cathedral) No. 163 (42" gauge, Baldwin 71418/45), see The station building has been nicely restored, as well as the one at Choloma (17 km NE of San Pedro Sula).

There is a  2-4-0 at La Ceiba, Vaccaro RR (a Standard Fruit subsidiary) No. 9 (36" gauge, HK Porter 4099/1908 or 5629/1915). It is at Parque Swinford (Avenida La Republica between Calle 7 & Calle 8), the downtown terminus of the FNH La Ceiba commuter train. Also there is motorless Brill railcar No. 1000, Standard Fruit RR Co. wooden coach No. 8 and a wooden box car. There is a picture here

There is a derelict US-built 2-6-0 loco at the Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa. It is thought to have come from the Omoa RR, see (link dead by 12th April 2018).

A railway museum is being established at the old Tela RR station in El Progreso (south of city, 30 km SE of San Pedro Sula), to which FNH donated ex-Tela RR Co. Bo-Bo DE 603 (42" gauge, GE U6B 36178/1967) in 2010, see - link dead by 26th April 2014

FNH still operates short commuter services in San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, see There might also still be freight service (wood) between the sawmill at Buffalo (15 km South of San Pedro Sula), San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes (57 km North).

The Cuero y Salado National Park is linked to the outside world by a 9 km stretch of RR from La Union (20 km West of La Ceiba). An hourly service is operated with motor trolleys. See ( link broken 5th April 2019) for some old photos from 1997, there are many more recent pictures on the net, but no sign of the once-reported steam loco.

Rob Dickinson