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Fireless Steam in Germany, 2015

Peter Illert writes of a visit made to see fireless operation at Grosskraftwerk Mannheim. See also the world fireless summary and:

The working engine on the afternoon of Tuesday, 16th November 2015. was the big 0-8-0 engine "3". The almost identical classmate engine expected about now from Meiningen works could not be spotted.
At 15.30, the engine hauled a train of empties to the exchange yard in the south of the power station. It returned 30 minutes later with a loaded coal train consisting of 33 wagons, forcing the engine down to walking pace. It took nearly 10 minutes for a distance of 2 kilometres.

In mid-November, there was an increase in rail traffic, caused by an extremely low water level in the River Rhine, bringing commercial coal ship traffic to a temporary halt. As often happens, it was then followed by extremely heavy rain.... 

These are video 'captures'.

Rob Dickinson