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Semboro's steamy fireless locos

For a factory with a fire risk and an ample supply of live steam, the fireless loco has much to offer. Sugar mills in Cuba still use fireless locos as do some factories in Serbia, but does anyone know where else in the world they can still be found at work? Email me using the address at the bottom of the page if you know any.

Semboro mill in Java has 2 almost identical such locos. Compared to those in Cuba they are more attractively styled with cylinders in 'right place' and a gently rounded appearance.

Semboro 2 - a classic fireless loco

They are known at the factory as 'Loco Susu' or 'Milk locos' because they are suckling at the mother's (mill's) breast. Like all fireless locos they do not travel far.

Semboro 3 - recharging

Their duties involve shunting the cane into the main crusher and moving excess bagasse around the mill site. Unlike most Javanese locos they can be relied on to produce a plume of steam as they work.

Semboro 3 shuffles a load of bagasse fuel around the mill

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Rob Dickinson