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More on Zafra 2004

Tour report Cuba 2004 by Yoshi Matsuo (additional notes from David Ibbotson at a similar time in brackets):

201 Amistad con los Pueblos
7-Mar: Mill scrap in progress. No serviceable loco. 1804 in shed with tender uncoupled.

207 Gregorio Alree Manalich
7-Mar: Mill working. 1306 on patio. 1308 to adjacent LP at least 2 times. 1365 to Ciro Redondo LP. No action on SG.
18-Mar: 1308 to adjacent LP at least 3 times. 1338 on patio. 1351 to Jicotea LP and back, then through mainline beyond Ciro Redondo LP (final destination unconfirmed) and did not return to mill by sunset. On SG 1510 (returned from 213) shunting hoppers.
All above locos plus 1402 (SG) have blue paint scheme. 1307 could not be found. Still very active!

210 Osvaldo Sanchez
7-Mar: Mill closed with intermill, but no steam action. One loco (1701) OOU.

211 Ruben Martinez Villena
7-Mar: Mill scrap in progress. Tracks in mill area are not used.

212 Boris Luis Santa Coloma
7-Mar: Mill working. 1606 under major repair, jacked up.

213 Manuel Martinez Prieto
19-Mar: 1112, 1204, 1205 and 1309 on display outside. 1707 under repair. 1507 in working order. 1803, 1805 and 1806 are waiting for repair.

314 Jesus Rabi
12-Mar: Mill working, but no steam action. 1413 and 1414 cold out of the shed. 2 more OOU locos (1529 and 1810?) in the shed.

319 Rene Fraga
12-Mar: Mill working. 1518 to adjacent LPs. 1820 cold.

403 Mal Tiempo
12-Mar: Mill working with only SG diesel working. 1621 and 1848 cold in SG yard. Shed staffs say these SG locos are just for the Festival. In NG shed, 1321 in steam (a special was planed for the next day). 1320, 1322, 1345 and 1355 in working order.

404 Ciudad Caracas
11-Mar: Mill working but totally dieselized. One steam (1538?) OOU.

411 Jose Maria Perez
8-Mar: Mill working, but no steam action. 1622 (new comer from 405) under repair. 1728 cold in working order. Tenders of these 2 locos were swapped. Shed staffs say these steamers are just for occasional tourist operation, not for regular use

427 Quintin Banderas
11-Mar: Mill working. As reported previously, 1755 (from 405) under repair in the shed. 1547 and 1548 are gone. (David Ibbotson found 1755 at work.)

428 Marcelo Salado
13-Mar: 1539 (from 405) has been joined to the museum fleet. 1342 on tourist train plus shunting molasses tankers (molasses train itself is behind a diesel).

433 Marta Abreu
11-Mar: Mill closed. 1239 looks in working order in the shed, with red painted boiler and green painted cab.

434 Panchito Gomez Toro
11-3: Mill working. 1626 cold and no steam action.
13-3: 1626 on patio. Crew says 1626 occasionally goes to LP.

437 Carlos Caraballo
12-Mar: Mill scrap in progress. 1550 OOU out of shed.

440 Ifrain Alfonso
11-Mar: Mill working. 1635 (the only working steam) on patio.
17-Mar: 1635 to Pozo LP.

441 Diez de Octubre
10-Mar: Mill working. 1661 under major repair (jacked up in the shed). Around 2:30 PM 1639 left the mill with empty wagons for Ranchuelo Station. After running around, 1639 went with tender first through FCC line to Esperanza. Then went across the FCC Mainline and further on FCC northward branch to a LP located a few kilometers from the Mainline junction. After shunting at the LP, 1639 return LE to the mill.
12-Mar: I did not got to the mill, but found a diesel on the Esperanza trip.
(David Ibbotson saw 1639 work to an acopio beyond Esperanza Norte station. David says Esperanza appears to have three stations.)

503 Orlando Gonzalez Ramirez
14-Mar: Mill working. 1563 gone to 517. 1732 (the only working steam) to Dominica LP.
15-Mar: 1732 to La Gloria LP.
(David Ibbotson found 1732 working to and from the acopio at La Gloria.)

504 Ecuador
9-Mar: Mill working. 1461 to Jesus Menendez LP with side trip to Sagua LP. 1821 to Montee la Estrelle LP. 1904 under repair in the shed. Also cold 1578 in the shed. (David Ibbotson found yard work was diesel, with 1904 on line work and 1461 to be lit up for line work as well.)

506 Bolivia
9-Mar: Mill scrap in progress with tracks in the yard being lifted. Fireless locos could not be found.

511 Brasil
9-Mar: Mill is working in this Zafra, but the machinery was under maintenance with shunting duty suspended just this day. I visited with MINAZ permit. Fireless locos are on stand by. 1250, 1368 and 1369 kept charged (steam supply pipes are connected). 1251 cold in working order. 1370 OOU in the shed.

515 Ciro Redondo
13-Mar: Mill working. 1826 and 1829 cold in working order.
15 and 16-Mar: 1826 in patio.

517 Patria o Muerte
16-Mar: By observing from outside, 1169 (plinthed), 1563 and 1564 (both look in working order) were confirmed.

522 Venezuela
It is not certain that this mill is working or not. Although a guard and crews claim “working”, smoke comes from the mill chimney just occasionally and I did not see any cane wagon pushed into the mill building.
14-Mar: 1742 in steam but just stand by.
15-Mar: 1742 on patio.
16-Mar: Steam in Paradise chartered 1742.
(David Ibbotson found 1657 performing in the afternoon light at Jagueyal.)

Trindidad Tourist Train
David Ibbotson found 1551 at FNTA mill for repair, along with another steam loco.

Rob Dickinson