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Steam in Cambodia 1990

Colin Martindale was in Cambodia back in 1990. Originally this had his 1990 pictures but these have had to be removed owing to lack of space. However, they are all (and more) on our CD-ROM Tiger Steam.

I have just got around to reading your article on Cambodia; very interesting, not least because I was there in 1990 and reported on the state of the railways in CRJ in 1991. At that time I thought it would be possible to arrange a railtour and it has only taken nine years for it to become a reality! Congratulations, I hope you all had fun.

I see no mention of the older North British (ex RSR), Borsig, and Henschel (ex Java) locomotives that littered the yard at Phnom Penh in 1990. Have they all gone? (I guess so, we didn't see any trace. RD)

For your interest I append a list of the locomotives that were at Phnom Penh at that time. Of note is 231.503 which I assumed to be under repair in the shops but more likely was being stripped for parts. Most of the locomotives shown as serviceable on my list were on the north side of the shops and I was escorted off the premises before I could take a proper look at them; the third photo on your web page shows a similar scene to one I could only glimpse through cracks in the doors!


All derelict except where noted

Builder Type Number Notes
unidentified 2-6-2 ??  
unidentified 2-6-2T ??  
Borsig 2-6-2T 131.001  
Borsig 2-6-2T 131.003  
Borsig 2-6-2T 131.004  
Alsacienne 2-8-2 141.551 serviceable
Henschel 4-6-0 230.001 ex-Java class C52
North British 4-6-0 230.001 ex-RSR
North British 4-6-0 230.002 ex-RSR
Alsacienne(?) 4-6-2 231.201 serviceable
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.501 serviceable
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.502 serviceable
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.503 in shops, under repair
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.505 in steam
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.506 serviceable
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.507  
Alsacienne 4-6-2 231.508 serviceable

Rob Dickinson