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Preserved Sugar Steam in Brazil

Jose Beraldo has sent some more information on preservation in Brazil.

"Here is a 3 stage report about one of the last surviving Beyer Peacock steam engines, once owned by the Mogiana Railway, now part of the soon to be privatized FEPASA.

In the first stage of preserving number 302, it was displayed at Parque do Taquaral, at Campinas(SP), where it remained for several years. Nr. 302 is a 4-6-0 built in 1896 by Beyer Peacock, Gorton Foundry, Manchester for the Mogiana. In this picture, taken on June 03, 1979, it is sitting at its static display in the park, coupled to a wooden passenger car also inherited from Mogiana. Unfortunately, the car suffered a vandal atack and was completely burned, but the engine survived and was later transferred to a new tourist railway, in Pedregulho(SP), where it was put in operating condition.

No. 302

Fourteen years later (November 14, 1993), I found nr. 302 at its new home, the Estrada de Ferro Vale do Bom Jesus, a remotely located tourist railroad, nearly 450km distant from São Paulo. Together with two Baldwin engines, they worked from Pedregulho to Rifaina, but, despite rebuilt to working condition, nr. 302 saw little service, as most trains were pulled by the two Baldwins.

Due to lack of funds, lack of riders and after suffering heavy rains, the railroad closed the portion between Chapadão and Rifaina. Most recently, one of the Baldwins was trucked to Cruzeiro in southern São Paulo, where it worked a tourist train and the Beyer Peacock, went to the famous Viação Ferrea Campinas-Jaguariuna.

The photo was taken at Chapadão on November 14, 1993. It was noticed that Estrada de Ferro Vale do Bom Jesus has now ceased operations and the future of the trackage is uncertain.

No. 302

The most recent home for Beyer Peacock nr. 302 is the Viação Férrea Campinas-Jaguariuna, whose preserved trackage and motive power are operated by Associação Brasileira de Preservação Ferroviária (ABPF). After the closing of Estrada de Ferro Vale do Bom Jesus, nr. 302 former home, it was glad to see this remarkable engine back to a safe place and back to work again!

The picture was taken at Anhumas on August 17, 1997 and, despite nr. 302 being urgently in need of a new coat of paint, it is here to stay. So long friends, I will write again soon."

No. 302

Rob Dickinson