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Dona Teresa Cristina Survivors

Thanks to Trevor Heath for the following snippet (20th December 2005):

"I asked Sergio Matire for a breakdown of the location of the 11 ex Belgrano Santa-Fe 2-10-2's that worked on the DTC in the 1980's and here is his reply:

Working the Tubarao area tourist train, Henschel 210-3M # 23592-1937
Under repairs at Tubarao, #204-205-(Skoda 1983-1980 year 1949) for new tourist train between Mariana and Ouro Preto.
Stored in Tubarao for a future use, #200-201-202-203-207-209
In Rio Negrinho area, #206-5M (under repairs)
In exposition in the museum in Tubarao 208-1M Skoda
(Numbers 200-203-205-210 are the four which carry LD Porta upgrades.)

Further to the above Trevor tells me (10th April 2006) that 201 has now been transferred to Ouro Preto and on April 21st the new steam site will be opened, a second locomotive is also expected. This is Felipe Sanches' picture:

I have added (29th January 2000) some photographs taken at the Dona Teresa Cristina system and ALL (America Latina Logistica - former Ferrovia Sul Atlantico) on the Dorridge trip in 1999.

Rob Dickinson