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Steam at So Joo del Rei in 2001

I was first made aware of the collection of 2ft 6in gauge Baldwins at So Joo del Rei when I read the book 'World of South American Steam' 20 years ago. These locomotives are variously 4-4-0, 4-6-0 and 2-8-0 delivered between 1889 and 1919. Cliff Schoff has sent me some pictures taken by him during his visit in November 2001. Although now 'just ' a preserved railway it still maintains a lot of its traditional atmosphere. Cliff's main report is on a separate page, there is also his report of an October 1999 visit.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the railway is its roundhouse:


This is the interior with its immaculare Baldwins.:


:My favourite would have to be 4-4-0, 22.

22 under repair

2-8-0 68 was in steam as spare loco - shades of Cuba here.:


:The freight wagons are stored in a less ideal environment.

Freight stock

This is railcar 11.


:This is the impressive train shed with 4-6-0 on a train - I cannot believe it was ever justified ....

Train shed with 41

:41 roars out through the suburbs with its superbly turned out wooden bodied stock.

41 in the suburbs

:41 out on the line in pleasant countryside

41 on the line

:41 on the turntable at Tiradentes

41 on the turntable at Tiradentes

Period piece taxis at Tiradentes...

Period piece taxis at Tiradentes...

:41 ready to leave Tiradentes - again note the delightful station behind.

41 ready to leave Tiradentes

Rob Dickinson