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Steam in Bosnia, September 2014

Hugo Richter was in the Tuzla area between 8th and 13th September and reports:


I visited Banovici 3 times (8th, 10th and 13th September) but I only saw steam activity on the first visit. 25-30 in steam at the depot. Due to nice employees I could make some pictures at the depot. They also told me 83-159 was on its way from Oskova. Arrived in Banovici after 09:00 at the end of a train pulled by 740-108. On the other visits only 740's in service.


I visited Lukavac 2 times (10th and 13th September). After asking the signalman it seemed that due to the floods there was just one train to the mainline a day. He made a phone call and so I could take pictures of 33-064 in Lukavac (10 September) and Sikulje (13 September).


I couldn't get access to the depot on 13 September. The guard nicely told me he was not allowed to let me in. I could make some pictures of the 62-engines standing aside.


I visited the line Dubrave - Ljubace 2 times (11th and 13th September). On 11th September 33-236 was in steam at Dubrave yard. No movements at all between 14:30 and 18:30. A visit to Ljubace station on 13th September provided me the information that on this track there was also just one run from Dubrave a day. Around 17:00 33-236 left Dubrave and switched cars at Ljubace.

Rob Dickinson