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Steam in Bosnia 2005-2009

These provide links to the Bosnia reports between 2005 and 2009. A separate page provides links to the Bosnia reports between 1998 and 2004. 


Trevor Heath tells me (6th March 2009) that 62-382, 62-520, 62-383 and 62-680 have been acquired from Mital Steel by the Bosnian National Railway for use at depots including Bihac, Mostar
and Tusla. Remarkable!

Alex Gillieron reported 55-99 under repair in 2008 and by late September 2009 Zoran Veresic reported it was out running, its first steaming in 35 years - it will be used on special trains for visiting tour parties (added 9th November 2009). Tim Murray was back again in October 2009 (added 10th November 2009).


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For a later (illustrated) report, Alex Gillieron was here at the end of February 2008 and was blessed with excellent weather (11th March 2008). Tim Murray visited in October 2008 and you can read his brief report (26th October 2008), Stephan Thierfelder was here later in the month (30th December 2008) 


Steve Newman is the latest in a long trickle of visitors to see the most authentic surviving European real steam (27th March 2007). To which I have added a couple of pictures from Pavel Randák who found active steam at Breza and Kakanj in January 2007 (23rd May 2007). Robin Patrick was part of a comprehensive tour organised by Enthusiast Holidays/LCGB in May 2007. You can read his illustrated report (29th June 2007). James Waite was here in November 2007 (25th November 2007) and I have appended Tim Murray's report of a visit made at the same time (19th December 2007).


Keith Chambers was at Banovici works and Oskova washery on 24th August 2006 where 25-33 and 62-125 were working (27th October 2006).


James Waite was in Banovici in November 2005, real working steam was alive and well here (14th December 2005).

Rob Dickinson