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Steam in Bosnia, May 2010

Jens Ingemann reports on his visit, click here for his July 2010 update:

Tuzla area:

Kreka mines:

33-504 was on the Dubrave turns, 33-064 on the trains from Sikulje. A pattern of 2-3 pairs of trains run on each line. 62-376 took a train from Bukinje mine in the morning of 18th May. 
In Bukinje workshops: 62-376 on steam, 33-503 cold reserve, 62-123 and 33-236 had small repairs, 33-248 in the process of a full overhaul. 33-216 (partly scrapped), 62-368 and 62-637 dumped outside. The 33's exchange every week and are due for small repairs every 4 weeks.

Soda factory in Lukavac: The 62 was seen shunting on some occasions but no photos were made.

Djurdevik: No trains were seen, the mine did not seem very active.


On 18 May the morning shunting on the narrow gauge was cancelled because the only locomotive in steam, 25-30 had to take 2 trains (school children's specials) from Banovici further into the hills, departing Banovici 10.30 (delayed to 11.00) and 13.00 respectively. At 15.00 normal shunting was resumed at Oskova, 25-30 still in charge. 83-158 with tender from 83-159 was cold in reserve in Banovici, where the normal dump of locos could be seen as well as 55-99 cold and 83-159 with tender from 83-158 undergoing overhaul in the workshop. The diesel was working on the standard gauge.


62-020 was the active engine on May 19, - when the afternoon shift started at 15.00 no trains where due, so a few shunting movements were undertaken to give us some good pictures!

Rob Dickinson